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Ginger plays the role of First Lady Dolley Madison, married to President James Madison (Burgess Meredith). Before her eventual marriage to Mr. Madison, she is subject to an 'arranged marriage' at a young age, and later is courted by Senator Aaron Burr (David Niven), who has grandiose ideas about how the country should be run...

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

GingerBinge film #7... Magnificent Doll!

...well, a very cool film for celebrating Independence Day...
...and, as I have done at least a couple of reviews on this one, this will be a pretty abbreviated one (since, honestly, I have a sinus infection going on as I type...). but, as always, there are new things picked up upon a new viewing...
...First, and foremost... this movie... is the APEX of Ginger 'facetime'... this film captures Ginger at her most radiant, and has SO many incredible close-ups, that... it may well be my favorite in terms of "wall-to-wall GINGER!!!" As proof, I present Exhibit A-11A, which is a true murder's row of Screen Captured Ginger Perfection...

 OH how incredible Ginger's eyes are...

Such a cool hat... not practical in the least, but... SO awesome on Miss Rogers' beautiful noggin... a side note, this parasol has an aluminum frame and what appears to be a plastic 'hub', where neither of which were most likely used in colonial parasol design... just for the record... BIG thing, and this is typical for most actors and actresses, is that... the left side of the face was Ginger's 'good side' (or, shall we say, the ever so slightly more sheer perfect side)...  but it seems like there have been other films with her 'favoring' her right-hand side... most likely it's the director's call... but this sequence of caps is a brief cross-section of incredible GingerCaps within this film... Heck, I didn't even add any of the 'ballroom' pics, which is the MOST incredible she is in this film, and maybe, just maybe, at ANY point in her career...
...yupyupyup... there are no words, y'all...

OK... well... the movie itself is quite entertaining, although not sure of how historically accurate it is... I guess we need some FactCheck stuff for this one... but it is a relatively fast-paced film which has some 'love interest' stuff interwoven into it (one of the earlier reviews I did noted there wasn't much 'romance' in the film, but... guess I was totally focusing on GINGER, and not the storyline...)

Well, that's it... I'm going to zonk out... but this film is HEARTILY recommended, and is a TOTAL MUST for any Gingerologist... It is available on DVD - check out Amazon or Movies Unlimited...

Until Later...

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Archive Post #2 - from Gingerology - originally posted July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth of July, y'all!!!

...from all the folks here at Gingerology! Be safe and have fun celebrating the 234th birthday of the United States of America, wherever you may be! I think of Magnificent Doll when the Fourth of July rolls around... it was the only 'colonial period film' Ginger was ever in, and I just think it is awesome... well, SHE is especially awesome in it, as Dolley Madison - she wears some honkin' dresses, and is just 'dolled up' (pun intended) to the nines! A few cases in point:

...that last pic is so awesome - her eyes are riveting! Not sure who the dude is, but just that he is one lucky dude!!! ...and in case you are wondering, the REAL Dolley Madison was not QUITE as fetching as Ginger... in fact, I'll just leave it for you to Wiki... but they will never be mistaken for one another, believe me...

And remember, Ginger was born in Independence, Missouri - and not TOO far away on the calendar from Independence cool would THAT have been? born on Independence Day in Independence, MO... (...on a side note, I was scheduled to be born on July 4th, but my doc was in a golf tourney that weekend, so I entered the world on June 30th instead...)
ANYWAY, y'all have fun, and hope to have some more stuff on here soon! Well, tomorrow especially... stay tuned!!!

KIG in the SOG!!!



  1. Nice! PS - I was supposed to be born on the 4th, too, but I came a few hours after midnight on the 5th! lol
  2. I cant believe you didn't mention your favorite "Doll" scene - when Ginger lets out that little snort! It is adorable! This is one Ginger flick Ive got on my hard drive and one of these days Ill transfer to DVD. Its not a great film but it has some AWESOME Ginger moments in it!
  3. I also was due on the 4th of July, but I was early.
  4. Also, if we're being patriotic. Don't forget Ginger is an honorary admiral of the Texas Navy. "Salute, ya'll!"
  5. Magnificent Doll is a great movie!!!
    Haha, that's cool your birthday would've been today.
    Happy 4th of July!!!
  6. Tom and Audrey - glad to share the same 'general' birthday time with y'all! I was born in The Summer of Love ('67)... For What It's Worth... (Buffalo Springfield plug...)

    SassyGinger - yup - I need to watch that one again - I have the VHS of it, but it 'burned to DVD' ok... just the little 'white streaks' jumping across the middle... anyway, the 'snort' is CLASSIC!!! Love that scene - almost worth 'clipping' to put on here... which reminds me... that is the next level of 'dragging Huey kicking and screaming' to an ultimate goal of video clips on G-ology...
    oh yeah, Ginger in the Texas Navy...awesome! I always kinda forget Ginger was by all accounts a Texan, although born in Missouri...

    GF11 - Speaking of Famous Texans...Thanks! Hope y'all had a great fourth weekend! I think Mag Doll should be out on DVD...of course, I want ALL of them to be on DVD... hey, another potential 'poll'...which VKM movie not on DVD SHOULD be on DVD?


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Archive Post #1 - from Gingerology - originally posted August 6, 2009

Just Watched : 'Magnificent Doll'

...Really enjoyed this one - I am a bit of a 'history buff', so got into the story line pretty easy... this one is not an 'overly romantic' tale, but does have a few 'sweet' moments. Ginger portrays Dolly Madison, who is married to James Madison (Burgess Meredith).
As for the 'Gingerology Quotient' (sounds scientific, no?), she has some very stunning scenes here; I have seen a lot of the 'still' pix from this movie, and knew it should have ample Gingery Goodness in it...(somehow, that just sounds a bit...unusual...but right nevertheless!) The 'period' costumes she wears are generally very stylish and elegant (sorry, I am not a fashion critic...) (and, sorry about all these parentheses...) - there are a few in particular that caught my eye... the outfit when she is riding the hat, even with a lot of frilly stuff out of the top of it... and I think this one is actually green - from a pix I saw of it...very fetching - Green is my fav color, so Ginger on Green, y'all.... but the best outfit was when she was at the White House party - sparkly white number with the long gloves...yow... and her hair style is pretty cool for this one, too. I think this outfit is the one on the movie 'poster', and the main publicity photos for the movie...just devastating.
Anyway, on to Ginger's role - I think she does quite well in the role, as a 'proper' colonial lady... nothing 'extreme' about the role, but really liked her mannerisms and 'prim and proper' mode, but in a 'warm' manner. You know, it is believed that Ginger is a direct decendent of George Washington... so she should have some 'colonial blood' in her... she has a big 'speech' scene which is pretty inspiring...but I won't give anything away for those who have yet to see it...
I know this sounds kinda 'bad', but, in one scene, when Aaron Burr (David Niven) was talking to her in the park or whatever, lying on the ground, he said something, and she laughed (not a 'HaHa', mind you, but a 'normal' laugh...), and at the end of her laugh, she SNORTED! (in a good, cool way)! I ran it back a few times to be sure... I cracked up...I just never thought of Ginger 'snort-laughing', and it struck me as very cute, especially in this 'proper' role...
Anyway - overall, I really enjoyed this one - plenty of Ginger 'face time', but the overall story was interesting, and did not really drag at all. I don't really have a rating system like Beth - but I will just say this would be in the top third of VKM movies I have seen... Really!

P.S. - when doing these reviews, I will try to not have any 'spoiler' stuff - sorry if that has happened in the past... most of y'all have already seen all her movies, but there may be some who have not... so, hopefully I can describe without any revelations.


  1. Wow, thanks for the analysis! You're really great at writing these types of things...none of that felt like an ordinary plot synopsis or anything, you know? It was all interesting and amusing. :)

    I think I've gotten this one from ioffer (but will have to check)...anyway, I've never seen it, but that laugh description makes me want to watch it right now.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Juliette... and, thanks for 'reminding' me about ioffer - I have heard of it, but never really thought to look there for movies... I ordered 'Lady in the Dark' this morning...Yes!

    It is kinda scary, but I have just basically gone berzerk ordering Ginger movies...I think 8 or 9 the last few weeks... I have already taken an 'advance' on this year's Christmas! Of course, I DO need one of those new 'wall-to-wall' flat screen TV's (still have the 'old school' cathode tubes in my house...) ...would like one so big that I get plum dizzy whenever Ginger enters a scene! (well, I pretty much do that, anyway...) :-)

    My next movie review will be 'First Traveling Saleslady', which I have yet to Mom says she remembers going to see that at its original theatrical run...said it was 'cute'...she is somewhat the critic, so that bodes well... She is a big Ginger fan, too... she got started with Ginger and Fred, but slowly getting into 'solo Ginger'... we yak about her a lot.
  3. Ooh, swell! Sounds great...have you seen Lady in the Dark yet? I really like that one.

    I ordered a ton from ioffer when I first "discovered" Ginger, but I think the last one I bought was "Don't Bet On Love" in June or, I'll have to do something about that. ;)

    Oh wow, Ginger in bigscreen? That'd be amazing.

    Neat! I look forward to your review. It's lovely to share interests with loved ones...that's so cool that your mother saw it in theatres!
  4. Heheh nice that you've got your mum to chat Ginger with! My mother just rlls her eyes the second I get out "Gin-"! I liked your summary. I actually havent yet watched this movie, and it made me more positive about it! I also just ordered a load of DVDS! I just thought I'd let yu know that you should be able to use the Gorm site whenever you want. YOu'll need to downlaod a bitorrent client (I recommend uTorrent for simplicity) just google it. Then if you lookin The gorm forum thweres a tutorial section that'll give you all you need to get going. If you've any questions, drop me a message/email and I'll happily help :)

  5. Thanks, Beth - I will probably get on the 'gorm' site soon and get the proper stuff downloaded... there are quite a few on there I would like...and hopefully will be able to 'contribute' a few as well! ...I have been very busy with 'eBay' and 'iOffer'! I have SIX movies en route as we speak! let's see if I can remember them all - Dreamboat, Primrose Path, Don't Bet on Love, Forever Female, Tales of Manhattan... AAAANNNDDD, Lady in the Dark!

    Keep working on your mom! My mom has really started to get into movies again...she is 70 - so she remembers stuff from the 40's and 50's when it was NEW, and the 30's movies were still 'fresh' re-runs in theatres. Plus, she is an avid reader of biographies - in fact, she is reading Jimmy Stewart's bio now, and there is a bit of stuff about Ginger in it - nothing too revealing or anything, tho...pretty much what is in her book.
    Now if I can only get my wife into 'Gingerology'... she likes some VKM movies, but overall she is not that big of a movie person... well, the main one she likes is 'Gone with the Wind'...guess it's kinda hard to argue that... I think she is coming around a bit with VKM, tho...

    Juliette - I have seen LITD, but just from 'YouTube' - which is ok, but the pix quality and sound is just not great... so I'm glad a DVD is coming - not sure of it's condition, but hopefully good. As for the movie itself, it is great - 'wall-to-wall' Ginger - and 'Jenny' is now my favorite Ginger 'moment', I really believe...
  6. Excellent-- glad to hear it...I'm sure the condition will be just dandy. Probably from TCM or something, right?

    Ooh, that Jenny moment is grand, isn't it? :)
  7. ...actually, the LITD is most likely a 'burned' DVD, from somewhere...the 'copy' from YouTube is from AMC (back when AMC was cool), and it shows fair in the 'regular size' screen, but if you 'enlarge' the screen size, it goes all fuzzy.
    When the 'Jenny' scene appears, it is so different than what was happening in the movie, it just kinda is a 'radical' gear shifter - although, it IS a dream...and, ultimately, about Liza not 'making up her mind!' But really, I could just watch that over and over, it's so cool.
    So far, the stuff from eBay/iOffer has been pretty good... I did get a copy of 'Sitting Pretty' which is 'older', there are spots where the faces 'fade out', or whatever...but not too many Ginger scenes are that way, so it's acceptable.
  8. Oh, when AMC was cool...the good old days. :)

    Glad to hear the DVDs have been higher quality. Same here-- don't think I've ever had a complaint with 'em.
  9. Just recently saw Magnificent Doll too and enjoyed it - a very different side of Ginger and she looked AMAZING - especially the dinner party scene.

    I caught the snort too - she kind of does it again in Tom,Dick and Harry when they are in the plane and Janie throws the money out the window. So cute!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

First Post...

Hi, y'all!!!

...just an 'initial post' in order to field any comments you may have regarding this blog... look for future posts over time, which will also be noted on the Gingerology home site.

Until then... thanks for dropping by, and...

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