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Ginger plays the role of First Lady Dolley Madison, married to President James Madison (Burgess Meredith). Before her eventual marriage to Mr. Madison, she is subject to an 'arranged marriage' at a young age, and later is courted by Senator Aaron Burr (David Niven), who has grandiose ideas about how the country should be run...

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Archive Post #2 - from Gingerology - originally posted July 3, 2010

Happy Fourth of July, y'all!!!

...from all the folks here at Gingerology! Be safe and have fun celebrating the 234th birthday of the United States of America, wherever you may be! I think of Magnificent Doll when the Fourth of July rolls around... it was the only 'colonial period film' Ginger was ever in, and I just think it is awesome... well, SHE is especially awesome in it, as Dolley Madison - she wears some honkin' dresses, and is just 'dolled up' (pun intended) to the nines! A few cases in point:

...that last pic is so awesome - her eyes are riveting! Not sure who the dude is, but just that he is one lucky dude!!! ...and in case you are wondering, the REAL Dolley Madison was not QUITE as fetching as Ginger... in fact, I'll just leave it for you to Wiki... but they will never be mistaken for one another, believe me...

And remember, Ginger was born in Independence, Missouri - and not TOO far away on the calendar from Independence cool would THAT have been? born on Independence Day in Independence, MO... (...on a side note, I was scheduled to be born on July 4th, but my doc was in a golf tourney that weekend, so I entered the world on June 30th instead...)
ANYWAY, y'all have fun, and hope to have some more stuff on here soon! Well, tomorrow especially... stay tuned!!!

KIG in the SOG!!!



  1. Nice! PS - I was supposed to be born on the 4th, too, but I came a few hours after midnight on the 5th! lol
  2. I cant believe you didn't mention your favorite "Doll" scene - when Ginger lets out that little snort! It is adorable! This is one Ginger flick Ive got on my hard drive and one of these days Ill transfer to DVD. Its not a great film but it has some AWESOME Ginger moments in it!
  3. I also was due on the 4th of July, but I was early.
  4. Also, if we're being patriotic. Don't forget Ginger is an honorary admiral of the Texas Navy. "Salute, ya'll!"
  5. Magnificent Doll is a great movie!!!
    Haha, that's cool your birthday would've been today.
    Happy 4th of July!!!
  6. Tom and Audrey - glad to share the same 'general' birthday time with y'all! I was born in The Summer of Love ('67)... For What It's Worth... (Buffalo Springfield plug...)

    SassyGinger - yup - I need to watch that one again - I have the VHS of it, but it 'burned to DVD' ok... just the little 'white streaks' jumping across the middle... anyway, the 'snort' is CLASSIC!!! Love that scene - almost worth 'clipping' to put on here... which reminds me... that is the next level of 'dragging Huey kicking and screaming' to an ultimate goal of video clips on G-ology...
    oh yeah, Ginger in the Texas Navy...awesome! I always kinda forget Ginger was by all accounts a Texan, although born in Missouri...

    GF11 - Speaking of Famous Texans...Thanks! Hope y'all had a great fourth weekend! I think Mag Doll should be out on DVD...of course, I want ALL of them to be on DVD... hey, another potential 'poll'...which VKM movie not on DVD SHOULD be on DVD?


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